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Beautiful Ways to Be Well

Thank you all for being so patient as I had a brief break in our regularly scheduled (blog) programing.

One of the number one things I’ve started doing for my mental health within the last year is hiking. I took a hiking course last semester after learning my college wouldn’t let me take another gym course. I lost over 35 pounds in those courses, and knew if I wanted to keep the weight loss up, I’d need more rigorous exercise activities alongside my new gym membership.

I think a lot of us, out of habit, become reclusive because our mind wars against us and we start feeling uncomfortable in the world. If you hear voices, they might comment on everything or on your being near people as mine have. If you have social anxiety, you might fear everyone is judging your posture, your clothes, or your mannerisms. If you have depression, getting out of bed may seem unnecessarily arduous. With any mental health struggle, everything takes extra energy and most of the time we don’t have that.

What helped me break this cycle and understand life only has the limits I place on it was hiking. Seeing formations of the earth that extend up into the sky, that touch the layer of clouds and remind me how small we are in the universe helps me break free from the negativity in my head and spend time in awareness outside of myself.

That being said, it took a couple years to build up the courage, confidence, and wellness needed to step into the fresh air and adventure. I think people often tell us “exercise will do you good” or “if you just got out of the house every once in a while, you’d feel better.”, but they don’t understand you do need a level of wellness for that. Getting outside regularly doesn’t cure anything; it’s a sign that stability is nearer than before.

I worked on myself for 2.5 years before my anxiety and paranoia let me hike through Big Basin State park. And in Yosemite national park these last few days, I still took my PRN anxiety medication with me, as I had a string of attacks last week unlike anything I’ve experienced in 4 years.

Nature has helped me get back on track. Breathing in untarnished air and feeling life at its most raw.

And so, dear readers, thank you for for being patient, as I stated earlier. I’d like to share some of photos I took with me and my boyfriend. We’ve been together for 5 years almost, with a year of us kinda being together but not really. That’s a whole other story.

We plan to visit all the national parks around the U.S and some outside of the U.S. Here are some of my photos of Yosemite National Park, shot on just my iPhone. Others I took with a Nikon DD300.

Mirror Lake
A Whatever Pose
A Waterfall Thirsty For Spring
It’s High
Snowy Freedom
Sunrise and Some Fall
Not Ice

Next week we will resume scheduled blogging. If you ever get a chance to experience Yosemite in the winter, it’s worth the temperature drop.

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