The Beginning of Madness

Am I philosopher or am I a psychotic? I can’t say I’m either, really. I’ve taken some years of philosophy, yes. I hear voices, yes. And that’s all I can say.

I’m back on the blogsphere indefinitely and aware of my obvious here-ness. There’s been internal and external nagging for me to return and grace this beautiful community with my usual (but highly renovated) extravagant word-vomit, unadulterated disregard for P.E culturists who assure their (tentative) existence on earth as social justice warriors is extactly what we all need, and, but of course, incessant challenging of our perception.

That being said, there is nothing on this blog which is off limits.

There is this awesome thing called a “discussion” that people don’t seem to do much of anymore. Instead, we spend more energy trying to convince others that our way is right, and therefore miss the perspective of the person we think we’re convincing. I’m open to evidence which challenges my opinion, and I’m open to evidence which challenges my own evidence. I’m open to other opinions and thoughts which also challenge my own. Unless you are threatening me or another reader for what I can only imagine is an infantile reason, I will not stifle commentators or subsequent discussions.

This blog will be an amalgamation of book reviews, scientific thought, and creative writing.

Previously, I shared how philosophy and thought saved me from succumbing to darkness, and how a little perspective change can help us reinvent who we are. Feel free to browse those posts if you’re interested.

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