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The Living Nightmare that is childhood sexual abuse

*A featured personal story for this MENTAL HEALTH MONTH series* I’d been in counselling following the breakdown of my relationship with my sons’ dad. It had become excruciatingly painful, revisiting places and feelings I’d long-forgotten so, about eighteen months in, I leftwithout telling my… Continue Reading “The Living Nightmare that is childhood sexual abuse”

mental health month: trauma

Welcome back! Let’s talk about Truama and Stressor related disorders. Read more for a great book recommendation for emotional trauma and CPTSD. What is Trauma? This can be any event or events which leave lasting psychological distress. This ranges from emotional abuse influencing your… Continue Reading “mental health month: trauma”

What Is Trauma?

Today I’m switching up the format a bit. I’ve been doing lists and tips for the past few days because I feel the information has been important and also relevant to many of our lives (if this is an inaccurate perception, please let me… Continue Reading “What Is Trauma?”

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