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Civil Rights Movement 2020

NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE. This is the slogan circulating social media as I speak. Los Angeles, San Jose, Oakland, NYC,Atlanta, Minneapolis, Memphis, Louisville. The list continues. I posted yesterday about the importance of African American mental health support in a time when we are… Continue Reading “Civil Rights Movement 2020”

Mental Health And African-American LIves

There was not a Mental Health Month post on Thursday for Somatic Disorders as I anticipated, not because I ran out of time but because my mind has been engrossed in other disturbing realities and going-ons in America. I will do a post on… Continue Reading “Mental Health And African-American LIves”

This Is How We End Stigma

If there’s anything I’m leaving behind in 2019, it’s the teenaged, damaged version of me. I’m leaving behind immaturity and replacing it with realistic observation and contemplation. I’m respecting the graves of my trauma, enough that I can finally leave the cemetery. I’m not… Continue Reading “This Is How We End Stigma”

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